We work hard to give the poorest people hope, health and means of livelihood
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Dr. Emeka Anaebonam Foundation
Health & Skill Acquisition
"We work with donor funds to tackle critical problems in three program areas: Poverty Reduction, Malaria Control and Community Medical Services."

Malaria Control is aimed at eradicating breeding places for mosquitoes by fumigating the environment regularly

Poverty Reduction aims to empower youths with the necessary skills to earn a living and supporting them with take off funds to put their skills into use

Community Medical Services aims to provide regular medical checkup for women, children and the elderly, vaccination against hepatitis and other common illments prevalent in the community

Malaria Control
Malaria is the most common infection raving communities in Africa and Onitsha Soutn in particular.
We employ fumigation as a veritable means of preventing malaria infection and treat infected members of the community during regular free community medical services
Community Medical Services
Community Medical Services is a program providing services in the form of outpatient medication-assisted treatment and private one–on–one and group counseling, Intensive Out-Patient therapy (IOP) and Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)
Elderly Care and Youth Empowerment
Enabling women to make informed decisions about whether and when to have children reduces maternal and newborn deaths
We undertake periodic distribution of food materials to families, train youths on different skills and empower them
where we work
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